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Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I open or close the wagon? Remove cover by releasing the 2 clips and pull the cover off.  Start by undoing the velcro on the handle, then pop the red clip (if available) open.  While you lift the handle up, push the middle of the wagon down and t he wagon will open. To close the wagon put the handle down, pull the strap up in the middle of the wagon and push the wagon together,  If the wagon gets stuck half way check the two from tires making sure they are NOT jammed against the frame-turn and free them.  Close the velcro handle, then put cover back on and store where you like.

What is the dimensions of the inside of the wagon?  The Wagon measures 17" wide 34" long 10" deep.  The rear basket is 8" wide 19" long 6" deep

How do I put the canopy on or take it off? Pull the four corner rods up and twist at the top.  Your canopy top is located in the front inside much of the wagon.  Simply pull the polls up and unfold the canopy top and crease the corners to make more of a 90 degree angle.  The black corners are on the inside and you will not see them when the canopy top is on.  Do not put the pole between the black plastic and the canvas.  Your canopy will stay in place when the top of pole sits in the notch of the black plastic.

I pulled the black strap off my wagon!  Where can I re-attached it so I can fold the wagon up? Don’t worry! This is a easy fix.  If you look under your wagon you will see in a cross bar and the metal frame that supports the bottom of the wagon.  Attached the black strap to part of the frame next to the cross bar.  Don’t attach to the cross bar just attach to the metal frame on the left or right (it don’t matter) of the bar.

Are there seat belts in the wagon? There are no seat belts or restraints in the Sport Wagon but there are 2-3pt seat belts in the 4th Generation Sport Wagon and the 4th gen has dual front breaks.

How do I clean the wagon? We have had good results washing the canopy top and cover in the washing machine, but we would not recommend putting them in dryer. To wash the wagon itself use a mild detergent and water to scrub off any dirt or stains. It is okay to use a water hose to rinse off any remaining dirt or detergent thoroughly.  Make sure it dries completely before you fold it up to and put the cover on. This will help prevent the possibility of mildew. Do not leave it outside in the elements for a prolonged period of time.  If taken to the beach or around salt water you should rinse wagon off to prevent rust in the wheel bearings and other parts.  Failure to keep wagon clean and letting rust build up is a condition of neglect and is customers own responsibility.

I lost my canopy top! Can I buy a NEW one? Yes, you can get a new canopy top or a replacement rear basket liner. Simply go to the accessory page and you will find what you need.

How heavy is the wagon? The Folding Sport Wagon is 27lbs and the 4th Gen Sport is 30lbs.

Can I check my foldable wagon at the gate? Check with your airlines first, but we have had customers tell us they have used the wagon in the airport and will check it like a stroller at the terminal. Theres a good chance that you can!

Can I take my wagon to a Amusement Park? Yes and No. We are located in California and at places like zoos, Sea World, LegoLand, Knott's Berry Farm and Universal Studios we’ve been told by our customers that YES you can. The one place we hear that you can’t take the wagon is Disneyland, and therefore most likely DisneyWorld. Check with your park first.

Do you ship to Countries outside of the USA? At this point we do not ship to other countries and the only reason is the cost. Shipping costs more than the wagon and can potentially get into hundreds and hundreds of dollars.  We are very sorry that we have not found a cost effective way to ship outside of the USA.

PO Boxes. Sorry we do not ship to PO Boxes

What shouldn’t I do with my wagon? You shouldn’t beat it up, you shouldn’t take it off road over big objects, you shouldn’t drop weight in it, you shouldn’t let it drop off a curb (use the handle to help it off the curb). You should be carful when going down a ramp…better to take it down backwards as the transition at the bottom could create a problem.  You shouldn’t let you kids play in it or on it!  You should hose your wagon off if it gets dirty or if you take it to the  beach, making sure it dries before folding or storing it. If the wagon gets stuck somewhere don’t yank it hard, find the problem and free it before proceeding.

What is the return policy of the wagon? If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase from, you may return your item(s) within 30 days of receipt. Customers are responsible for all return shipping costs. Products purchased with any of our free or flat rate shipping offers will be credited less our original shipping cost. All items being returned must be in new condition, never assembled, used or played with. If we accept a return that is not new all original packaging must be included or a re-stocking fee will apply.  We do not offer free returns and all returns need original box and packaging.  A return authorization number is required for all returns. Returns will not be accepted without proper return authorization from our Returns Department. Please contact us and we will promptly assist you.

What is the weight limit of the wagon? The wagon is rated for 150lb. This is a drop test rating and if the wagon is mis-used at all even with less weight you may have a problem that is not warranted.

How long does it take to ship? We normally will ship within 1-2 days but normally will ship same day depending on when order is received.  If you place a order Friday afternoon it may not ship till the following Monday. Please take into account any Holidays.

How long does it take for me to get my wagon? Normally 2-5 business days.  We ship mostly Fed Ex and they do deliveries on Saturday.

Can I buy replacement parts for my wagon? Yes. Some parts we try to always have in stock. Simply email us first and we can let you know.  There will be a “misc” part item listed in the Accessory page for this.  We do not sell Quest Wagon products and do not carry any parts for them.

Can I request expedited shipping? Yes if you want to pay for this.  Normally any Air shipping is costly… expect $100 or more.

Coupon codes/discounts/Sales- Any coupon code must be used when customer places order.  We are unable to add a coupon code to a order that has already been placed or one that has shipped.  We will honor any sale price within 48hrs if customer contacts us.  If 48hrs have past we will not be able to offer any credits due to a sale items lower price.

Incorrect address- If a customer incorrectly enters a address which leads to the order not being able to be delivered and returned to us than any/all shipping charges will be charged to customer and will not be credited back.

Warranty- 12 month limited warranty.  We reserve the right to send parts if needed to fix anything.

Quest Wagons:  We do not sell them.  We do not have any parts for them.