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Replacement Canopy

$ 22.00

Replacement Canopy

$ 22.00

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We need to make this totally clear to anyone who wants this item.  ITS THE FABRIC TOP ONLY for wagon store wagons. THERE IS NO KIT THAT WILL ADD A CANOPY TOP TO A WAGON THAT DID NOT ORIGINALLY COME WITH A CANOPY.  YOU CAN NOT ADD A TOP TO A MAC SPORT WAGON OR OTHER TYPES. YOU WILL NOT GET THE POLES TO HOLD THE CANOPY UP YOU ONLY GET THE TOP.  This item is just the replacement top for your Wagon Store sport wagon and not for other wagons purchased elsewhere.  You do not need to order this item if you are purchasing a wagon now because all wagons include a canopy top.  This is ONLY needed if you lose your canopy top or it gets ruined somehow.  Don't buy this item if you have a wagon that does NOT have a canopy top or the polls for the canopy top to sit on.  We do not sell a kit that will convert a wagon that does not have a canopy top to a folding wagon with canopy top. This item is not returnable.

Get ready to replace lost or damaged canopy tops for your wagons by purchasing our replacement canopy top!

This top only works for the wagons that you purchase from the Wagon Store, not for other brands. Available in blue, grey, red, and purple colors, this replacement canopy top is perfect to be used for the folding wagons with canopy. If you buy wagons from our store, there is no need to order the replacement top as all our wagons including folding push pull sport wagon, a collapsible wagon with canopy, and folding sport utility wagon comes with a canopy top. At times, the canopy tops for the wagons get damaged or you may lose your canopy tops. In such a case, you can purchase this item.

This fabric top comes separately. It means wagon is not included, it is sold separately. Made with durable and machine-washable fabric, the replacement canopy top is easy to install and can provide shade for your child or cargo. It is, in fact, the perfect way to keep your child cool as well as protected on sunny days.

It is available in just 22 US Dollars which makes it the best choice for budget-conscious people!

Are you excited to buy this replacement top for your collapsible wagon with canopy and folding wagon with canopy? Saying yes? Why wait further? Let the Wagon Store help you find the right canopy top. We are committed to helping you get your product up and rolling!

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