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my wagon in the snow

So we decided to take our folding push pull wagon that we purchased from up to the mountains and use it in the snow.  Now while it didn't work that great in the powder it did work well on the packed snow...the folding wagon also held lots of snow balls and we used it to haul them back to the cabin.

The Wagon Store continues to make great wagons that children love to ride in and parents love to buy because they are made very good.  As a mother of 3 it has helped me carry my kids around the park and to school.  This foldable wagon has a canopy top you can remove or  keep on during the sunny days.  Its light weight and can carry 150lbs with ease.  I would suggest buying there new folding push pull wagon...the folding push pull sport wagon 2.0 and you can buy it on Amazon if you like.


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