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Keeping Up With Those Terrible 2 Woes

Becoming a parent is a dream come true for most people. In some cultures, the whole point of marriage is to bring more people into this world and in others, having a child is a pure preference. No matter what motivated you to give birth, you now have to keep up with their tantrums and whack sleeping schedules. Once you become a parent, your whole life revolves around your little ones. You eat and sleep when you aren’t feeding them or putting them to sleep.

As many parents would agree, having a baby is running between two extreme moods: passionate affection for the person you have brought into the world and extreme frustration of being a parent. The former is the more common resort for parents, but dwelling in the state of frustration for even a short period can exhaust you out of your wits.

What’s the ‘terrible twos’ stage, and why is it so… terrible?

As babies outgrow your lap and start taking control of their bodies by walking and running at their whim, things can get a little complicated. You have to baby-proof the whole home and align your outings based on how safe it is for your kid to join in. Most parents face rebellion once their child turns two, hence the name ‘terrible twos.’ During this stage of their lives, they dangle between wanting to live their life on their terms and being reliant on their parent. Tantrums are very common, and the mood of the kid changes within a jiffy. One minute, they could be asking for orange juice in a cup; the second, the juice would be all over the floor because they just decided they didn’t want it anymore.

Scientists and researchers believe that the most common cause of the terrible twos is the inability of the kid to decide what to do with all the pent-up, newly found energy in their systems. This is true to some extent because children who aren’t already actively engaged in some sort of activity that they enjoy doing daily are more likely to be moody with unmanageable behaviors.

During the 2nd to 3rd years of their lives, children start to notice that they are bound tightly by rules set out by the people around them. They just can’t handle the fact that they cannot mix sauces in their milk and that breaking a plate is considered unreasonable. This makes matters worse.

How to assuage the terrible twos?

As mentioned earlier, lack of engaging activity can be a major factor contributing to the various behavioral patterns exhibited by a two-year-old. Giving them something that works their brain and engrosses them physically can be a life-saver for the parents. Here are some things to do to manage the terrible two stages easily:

  • Arrange opportunities for socialization

Meet up with other parents regularly who have children of the same age as yours. Making new friends and playing together can have a positive effect on the child’s mood and also ease them into the process of socialization. You can also arrange play-dates. To keep things under control, always remember to pack their favorite toys in a Kids folding wagon if you are meeting at a place other than your own home.

  • Spend more time with them

Being a parent is a lot more than nurturing and providing. Studies have shown that absent parents are more likely to cause psychological problems to their children, almost equal to the damage caused by abusive ones. Whenever you notice that your kid is upset, listen to them and let their emotions flow. Hitting will never be helpful. Being more available for your two-year-old will make them trust you enough to express themselves to you. Once they learn how to let go of their emotions by talking and expressing them, their tantrums will tone down.

  • Go on picnics more often

Picnics in any of the nearby recreational parks can be therapeutic. Going on one can give your kid a large extent to run around in, releasing most of their pent-up energy. Pack their favorite snacks and toys in a Kids folding wagon and take a stroll with them to the park for a nice break.

It seems that most of your problems can be addressed by owning a Kids folding wagon. Get one for yourself now and address those terrible twos.

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