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How to make grocery shopping COVID-19-friendly?

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The year 2020 was hands down the worst for the world and its denizens. The COVID-19 virus has by now affected about 150 million people in the world. Even with the vaccines being rolled out around the world, the mutated viruses continue to cost us more lives every passing minute.

The most important instructions to follow during these testing times are those of limiting physical contact and maintaining a social distance of at least 6 ft. in public. Besides, people are directed to stay at home unless it becomes necessary to go out, that too after wearing masks and sanitizing hands periodically.

Grocery shopping during these testing times

No matter how badly the virus hits, in areas where online grocery shopping isn’t available, going to the grocer is a necessity to keep the home running. Luxurious items and shopping for items that aren’t pivotal to survival must be avoided till everyone has been vaccinated. But, grocery shopping cannot be deferred.

Below are some tips to make grocery shopping easier and safe in the pandemic:

Always make a list 

Don't go into the shop unprepared. Not making a list and checking the items already available in your kitchen cabins can lead to more visits and increased expenditure. The pandemic has already badly hit industries and left many people unemployed; buying more than what is needed, and hoarding is unfair to society. Many industries filed for bankruptcy, and others have downsized production keeping in view the changing times; many items previously stocked on the shelves may not be available now. An order may have to be placed beforehand to the grocer for the commodity. Make a list of the grocery items that you need urgently and check with the grocer to inform him of an item that you need so that he can order for you.

  • Go alone and wear a mask

Only one person, who has the list and knows exactly what is needed, should go inside. Grocery shopping isn’t a family affair anymore. Taking in more people than necessary is a clear violation of social distancing, and if the grocer has a rule of allowing a set number of people in at any given time, it will be unfair to the rest if multiple members of a single family have taken up the place inside. Secondly, wear a mask at all times and don’t take it off till you are outside the mart.

  • Replace cash with the card

Many studies prove that the virus can survive on surfaces of paper and other physical objects for days before losing its pathogenicity. Paper currency can house the pathogen. Reduce virus transmission by choosing to pay by card instead of cash.

  • Avoid peak times

Learn when the grocery mart is most populated through the day. Chances of virus transmission enhance manifold as the number of people in a closed space increases. So, avoid doing grocery during these times.

  • Take your carrier

During busier times, the staff may not be able to ensure 100 percent sanitation of the trolley. Purchasing a utility wagon can solve this issue for you. A wagon of this kind can be easily folded to fit into your vehicle. The sturdy design means that it can carry your grocery for you as you move from aisle to aisle. A personal utility wagon will rid you of the trouble of worrying about catching the virus by touching the handle of the grocer’s trolley. Once done, you can disinfect the utility wagon with a reliable solution.

Enjoy grocery shopping without worrying about the virus by ordering a utility wagon.

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