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Ok I just got the wagon but let me say first how fast the shipping was!! I just ordered this wagon Tuesday night! When I opened the box, the first thing I noticed was the beautiful blue color! So gorgeous! I followed the instructions on how to open in and wow! It is huge!! And folds so compact and is not as heavy as I expected! I have not tried it out yet but believe me I will! I am so happy with this purchase so far and the pad that I ordered with it feels comfy and soft! Thank you for the best purchase of the year for sure! Couldn't imagine having a better wagon for my children!

– Andrea

I have a 4 yr old, 2 yr old and 13 mth old and needed something that would work for all of them. This wagon is perfect! I purchased the accessory pad and all 3 comfortably ride in it and ADORE it! Mommy adores how compactly it folds and how light it is (folds smaller than my double stroller and is lighter). I like how there is a place for everything - no separate pieces. The canopy poles push down into the wagon, there is a designated spot to hold the canopy when not in use, etc. I also love how the handle has a latch to hold it upright when not in use. Very pleased with this purchase!

– Jennie

For the past 14 months my husband and I have been searching for the perfect wagon to use when we go to the beach, camping, hiking and one that would also work for various chores around our house... Well today, I am going to tell you all about the BEST wagon that I have ever owned and that wagon is called the Folding Sport Wagon from


The wagon is awesome and we will continue to spread the word about you to our friends. Love the bigger wheels, easy transport of the kids and all our gear at the park, can't wait to try it out at our camping trip this summer. Fast shipping we got it in 3 days. Thank you for a great product!

– Eric