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Deluxe Pad
The Deluxe Pad for your Folding Wagons fits perfectly in the bottom of the wagon. The pad is stitched and will fold in can make a seat out of it and its machine washable and very cushy....

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Nothing Beats the Ease and Versatility of a Folding Wagon from The Wagon Store

Many adults are familiar with that shiny, red, metal pull wagon that was a staple of their childhood. Those bright red monstrosities were solid but clunky, and their lack of maneuverability made them prone to tipping on even the smoothest sidewalks. They were great fun for kids (except when they toppled over on the pavement), but they weren't very safe, nor were they convenient for parents.

Today's parents, though, are understandably interested in a safer, easier, and optimized wagon cart solution. Fortunately, the intelligently-designed folding wagon from The Wagon Store delivers on all accounts.

The Idea Behind the Collapsible Pull Wagon

Many families today still turn to those “trusty” red wagons for carrying kids in their post-stroller days, or for transporting other materials such as toys, picnic supplies, or sporting equipment. But those conventional pull wagon contraptions are simply outdated and inconvenient. They are aptly revered for their strength and durability, but they're difficult if impossible to store in the car or to bring on the boat or RV. They're difficult to “steer” on uneven surfaces, and their hard metal or plastic construction makes them uncomfortable for kids after an extended period of time.

Parents who are looking for an update will find a safer, more comfortable, more convenient, and a simply better option in a folding wagon from The Wagon Store. The idea behind the ingenious collapsible wagon cart was to create a wagon with the sturdiness, durability, and utility of the conventional models, but with the convenience of quick and easy storage and transport. The folding wagon's design has been optimized to meet these needs, and the result is an incredibly fun and versatile pull wagon that's great for families of all sizes and individuals of all ages.

Essential Info for the Folding Wagon

Folding wagons from The Wagon Store come in five family-friendly colors, and measure about 29” x 24” x 9”. They're roomy enough to tote around kids and supplies without faltering, they travel well on different types of terrain (grass, gravel, dirt), but they're much more flexible and easier to handle than conventional wagon carts. Our foldable pull wagon is designed to be are tough and sturdy, and it's able to comfortably carry up to 120 pounds. And the good news for parents who are concerned about their kids' safety is that the folding wagon's design makes it much safer and easier to manage than a conventional wagon cart.

In addition to a sound structure overall, each folding wagon comes with a removable canopy, a perfect accessory to shade your precious cargo on a sunny afternoon. The built-in basket can be used to store beverages, snacks, toys, or other props for the road. There's no assembly required, though; when you purchase a folding pull wagon from The Wagon Store, it'll arrive fully intact and ready for use.

Even better is the folding wagon's incredible space-saving feature: it folds up for easy storage in its own carry case, taking up less than ten percent of its full, unfolded size. You'll also find that it's a painless process to fold and unfold it in just three easy steps. And when you’re finished using it for the day or for the season, simply fold it up and store it in its very own carrying case in your shed, garage, attic, or even a closet. It really is just that simple.

Thanks to their simple and unique design, transporting your pull wagon has never been easier; you can take it with you to the park, campsite, or market, and it easily stores wherever you need it to when it's not in use. Really, the bottom line and the most essential piece of information you need to know is that folding wagons from The Wagon Store may easily amount to the largest, strongest, most versatile, and most convenient wagon cart you’ll ever own.

Using your Wagon Cart

With their incredible versatility and convenience, folding wagons are a must-have for families with kids of any age. But they’re not just for use by children and families. The possibilities are endless, and you're likely to find many new ways a folding wagon can be used to make your life easier.

Kids: For children who have recently outgrown their strollers but are still too young to keep up with the adults all day, pull wagons are an excellent in-between step. The Wagon Store’s collapsible pull wagon is padded and shaded, so your kids will be cool and comfortable on even the warmest summer afternoons. They hold up to 120 pounds, and they’re built to last, so your family can enjoy your wagon for many years to come.

Shopping: Folding wagons are your friend at farmer's markets, pumpkin patches, thrift stores, flea markets, and more. The folding wagon is roomy and resilient, and unlike the cumbersome conventional wagon cart, they're easy to maneuver in a busy venue. It's easy to transport your goods to the car, and it's even easier to fold your cart for storage in your car once you’re finished.

Sports: Transport your sporting equipment onto the sidelines with ease, and have your cooler and mid-game snacks ready when you need them. Eliminate those multiple trips from the field to the car, and your folding wagon's sturdy and solid build can withstand the jump from gravel, to grass, to dirt, and back again.

Outdoors: Unlike the conventional cart wagon, you can bring your foldable pull wagon with you on your boat or RV, as it unfolds and stores easily when you need to make room. Bring it along to the campsite and you can set up camp in half the time. Or, make a trip to the pool with all your drinks, snacks, and water toys in tow.

Gardening: For many, gardening is a fun and relaxing hobby, but hauling around the necessary materials and tools can take a great toll on your back and joints. Wheelbarrows help, but they're often awkward to move and they take up a large amount of space in a shed or garage. A collapsible wagon is a perfect alternative, as they're great for moving and housing tools such as gardening shovels and watering cans, and they're durable enough to hold heavy bags of soil, fertilizer, mulch, and more, saving you from the strain and stress. And unlike bulky carts or wheelbarrows, you can collapse your folding wagon for easy and convenient storage during the fall and winter months.

It’s East to Make the Most of your Folding Wagon

Folding wagons are solid and safe, and they perform miles above the conventional pull carts and wagons you may have used when you were a kid. The wagons from The Wagon Store are built to be just as tough, but their utility and ease of transport and storage make them available for use in many situations and activities, including some you probably haven't thought of yet. Whether you plan to use it for carrying produce at your local grocer, transporting supplies on your next picnic or camping trip, lugging the kids around at a fare or parade, or storing cold beverages for easy access at the beach, a pull wagon is the perfect tool for all of the above and much more. And for the very best option that makes any outdoor and family activities a breeze, choose a folding wagon from The Wagon Store. You won't believe what you've been missing.